Promoting Safe Recreation…


Our Mission

Lake Macbride Conservancy

A Member of the Iowa Environmental Council


To provide a forum for maintaining the unique status, natural beauty, and safe use of Lake Macbride.


1. Lake Macbride will continue to offer a safe environment for low-impact water sports.

2. The natural beauty and biological health of the lake and surrounding environment willbe protected, preserved, and enhanced.


1. Engage and build coalitions with the larger community of lake users 

2. Remain attuned to the activities of agencies and legislative bodies that affect policy for Lake Macbride, and educate those groups about the needs of users 

3. Develop and maintain a website to share information regarding the unique status of the lake 

4. Study and monitor water conditions 

5. Reduce the impact of invasive or toxic species in and around the lake 

6. Work with other groups in partnership to promote safety, clean water, and other conditions that affect the lake in a positive way 

7. Develop programs/materials to promote the safety of children and families who use the lake 

8. Create and distribute public-relations tools to promote appreciation of the unique status of the lake 

Adopted 9/3/2013, 

Revised (objective #6) on 11/4/2013